A detailed procedure that helps express the contours of your muscles for a look beyond perfection.

5D Liposculpture at Lydian

5D liposculpture is a procedure that removes the deep fat layer and leaves the superficial fat layer based on the patient’s muscle shape to create a six pack abdomen.

There are only a few doctors worldwide who can operate based on this surgical method. Among them, Lydian Clinic Director Doctor Ah, produces very natural results with his unique surgical method.

It adds perfection on top of perfection by expressing the contours of your muscles.

  • Surgery site: chest line + abdomen + side lines
  • Operation time: 3-4 hours
  • Stitch removal: none
  • Anesthesia method: sleep anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: same-day discharge
  • Number of visits: 3-4 times

* Liposuction surgery requires thorough care as there may be side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, and infection.

How It Compares

Normal Liposuction

  • Difficulty in increasing skin elasticity
  • There is a high possibility of scarring due to the friction between the liposuction tube and skin
  • Use of one liposuction device
  • Less fat removed
  • The surgeons may only have completed the general liposuction device training
  • 3-4 days

Lydian 5D Liposculpture

  • Triple skin contraction effect
  • Incision in invisible areas
  • Prevent scars with special protectors
  • Use of 3 types of liposuction devices
  • Sculpted abdominal muscle lines
  • Abundant surgical experience and lectures, Beijer Hi-Def Body Sculpting Key Doctor
  • Daily life possible the next day after surgery

Key Points of Lydian 5D Liposculpture

  • (VASER Hi Def) Key Doctor Direct Surgery
  • Natural and complete surgical results
  • The Incision js invisible and a special protector prevents scarring
  • Minimizes bruising after surgery by inhaling fat as if carving through the texture of the muscles
  • Daily life and a shower available from the next day after the surgery
  • No need to remove stitches

Lydian 5D Liposuction Equipment

Lydian 5D liposculpting aims for safe surgery with many years of experience and know-how based on state-of-the-art liposuction equipment such as Eva ll Vaser.

Air Vibration Liposuction Device EVA ll

  • Safe enough to be performed with only local anesthesia
  • Low frequency of bleeding during the procedure
  • Shorter treatment time; therefore, fast recovery time
  • Increases skin elasticity after the treatment

Vaser that melts the upper fat close to the epidermis

  • Natural inhalation possible
  • Creates clear six-pack abs
  • 3rd generation ultrasound
  • Induces collagen formation, increase skin elasticity

Repossaver that is capable of very delicate liposuction

  • Creating a sophisticated body shape and muscle lines
  • Skin lifting effect
  • Aesthetically improved lines through delicate liposuction
  • Dissolves fat with high-frequency energy

Precautions Before and After 5D Liposculpture

  • Exfoliate the whole body with a scrub before the surgery.
  • Stop taking aspirin and vitamin E pills one week before the surgery.
  • Medication for high blood pressure or diabetes should also be taken on the day of surgery.
  • You can take a shower 2-3 days after the surgery, and you can perform light workouts after 2 weeks.
  • One month after the surgery, strength training is also possible.
  • The abdominal lines are not clearly visible in the first month after the surgery, but becomes clearer after about 3 months.
  • Compression suits should be worn 24 hours during the first two weeks. In the next two weeks, you only need to wear it for about 12 hours a day.

5D Liposculpture: Before and After



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      A detailed procedure that helps express the contours of your muscles for a look beyond perfection.



      Liposuction is an invasive procedure performed to remove unwanted fat from the body by means sucking it out using medical instruments.