Lifting procedures at Lydian are performed to reduce or eliminate signs of aging and Doctor An’s results are breathtaking.

Lifting at Lydian

Lifting procedures at Lydian are performed to reduce or eliminate signs of aging. Lifting technology and methods have improved immensely and when performed by an experienced doctor like Doctor An, the results can be breathtaking.

* Depending on the individual, there may be side effects such as fever, irritation, and sensation, so be careful.

Corage Cell Fit

Awakening the skin’s natural cells, collagen, and elastin. Unlike conventional high-frequency equipment, it is not a collagen denaturation or a fever treatment, but through the cell movement using 16 kinds of resonance energy to regenerate, cells, healthy collagen, and elastin production to increase the dermal layer to create elasticity of the skin.

Koreji Quantum Molecular Resonance (QMR)

  • Technology that emits several kinds of frequencies at the same time without interference by resonance theory.
  • By delivering resonance energy to skin cells, it induces fibroblast interaction and increases the production of collagen and elastin!

Lydian Corage Self Fit Effect

  • Increased cell activity in epidermis and dermis
  • Skin moisturizing effect and skin barrier improvement
  • Lifting and tightening effect
  • Collagen and elastic fiber production
  • Increased dermal thickness
  • Skin tone and skin texture improvement

Lydian Corage Self-Fit 4-Step Solution

Awakening the cell

  • Plasma Roller
  • Fibroblast regeneration, collagen production, pore reduction, collagen rebuilding

Cell excretion and Rubbing ceramic

  • Excretion of aged tissue, activation of tissue and cell functions
  • Tightening, wrinkle improvement, skin regeneration

Cell proliferation

  • Skin glove
  • Cell tissue and cell function activation
  • Lifting, wrinkle improvement, skin regeneration

Cell proliferation

  • Needle + Skin Gloves
  • Cell tissue and cell function activation
  • Lifting, wrinkle improvement, skin regeneration

Thread Lifting

Thread lifting allows you to achieve a V line face shape without undergoing painful bone surgery. Lydian thread lifting provides a solution to wrinkles and increases elasticity.

Tailored to Each Individual's Face

  • You can choose your own design
  • Fast lifting effect with collagen that is produced around the thread, and the lifting thread melts and disappears
  • The melting thread allows for safer and natural thread lifting
  • As the thread melts and disappears in the skin, it is possible to repeatedly lift when necessary in any direction without worrying about tangling, and it is safer as there is no leftover material.
  • Collagen becomes tight after the thread melts and disappears!

Procedure Details

  • Operation time: about 30 minutes
  • Thread removal: none
  • Anesthesia method: sleep anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: Same-day discharge
  • Number of visits: 1 time

Thread Lifting Ideal Patient

  • Those who want an immediate V line
  • Those who suffer from saggy skin and wrinkles
  • Those who are worried about sagging skin after contouring surgery
  • Those whose skin is weak and sagging due to aging

Medical Procedure Process

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Other Services

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