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5D Liposculpture
Tummy Tuck
Fat Grafting
BBL / Brazilian Butt Lift
Stem Cell Therapy


Liposuction is an invasive procedure performed to remove unwanted fat from the body by means sucking it out using medical instruments.

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5d liposculpture korea

A detailed procedure that helps express the contours of your muscles for a look beyond perfection.

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Tummy Tuck korea

A tummy tuck makes stretched abdominal muscles tight again, and it removes the stretched and sagging skin and fat layer.

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Fat Grafting korea

Clean, even, high-quality fat is collected through a dedicated fat retrieval syringe, and the fat is delicately implanted in layers for each fat layer.

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Brazilian Butt Lift korea

Transform your flat, sagging or outgrown hips into a firm, elastic, and voluminous appearance through fat transfers. Following Dr.An’s expert advice, enjoy the look of an amazing BBL after 10 years.

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thread Lifting korea

Transform your flat, sagging or outgrown hips into a firm, elastic, and voluminous appearance through fat transfers.

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Stem cells are harvested from your body, cultured, and injected into the target area, where they can promote the growth of new tissue and blood vessels, and help to repair and regenerate damaged cells.

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Before and After
At Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic, Dr. An specializes in creating incredible aesthetic results. We describe these results in detail, but nothing is more clear than Before and After photos. Below are some examples of B&A of previous patients:

Patient Reviews

You can read about what our patients are saying in our Google reviews below:
  • It's a way to get out after receiving a consultation~ It's a little safe because the staff are friendly and explain the surgery well

  • I've been consulted, but all the staff are friendly~~ The price is higher than other hospitals, and the quality is good.

  • It's been about 1 month after liposuction, but the recovery is quick and I'm really very satisfied!! Be kind to me from the time of the consultation. ㅜ I was annoyingly asked for a variety of questions, but it was a hospital that I chose because they answered me kindly and without expression. Even during the operation, I was very relieved to proceed in a calm atmosphere and I am very satisfied with the operation result ^^! I introduced a lot to my acquaintances. Prosper your business!!

Our foundation is


Director An Gyeong-cheon has been performing liposuction for over 20 years since 2001.  He has continued his lectures on liposuction and cosmetic medicine at conferences held in countries around the world and is still training cosmetic medical students.  

Since 2011, he has been teaching ‘5D liposculpting’, a technique he developed, through medical academies.

Latest Information
Dr. An is continually contributing to the field of safe and effective liposuction. We regularly post blog articles to provide useful information to our patients. You can read more about what is happening in our blog:

Debunking Myths and Unveiling the Truth about Abs Surgery: A Journey with Dr. An

Meet Dr. An, the president of Fat University and a seasoned professional in the field...
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liposuction scars

How To Minimize Liposuction Scars? – Procedure Techniques & Aftercare Tips

When considering liposuction, one of the biggest concerns for patients is how to minimize liposuction...
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The Art and Science of Thigh Liposuction: A Surgeon’s Perspective

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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some answers to common questions from patients:

Is liposuction painful?

It’s important to note that every patient’s experience with liposuction is different, and some people may have more discomfort or pain than others. The surgeon’s technique is also important, in Lydian our patients usually feel much better after 3-4 days, full recovery typically takes around 1 month.

What is the recovery time for liposuction?

Each surgeon’s professional decisions on how much fat should be removed in one surgery and the techniques on how to remove them impact recovery time. Our advanced technology leaves with significantly fewer bruises and swelling than other clinics. Patients are able to shower one day after the operation, our post-care procedures and dressings allow patients to return to daily life quickly after a regular liposuction procedure. It depends on the procedures, but most of our foreign patients go back to their country one week after the surgery.

Are there any risks associated with liposuction?

Other than the poor result, the biggest risk is bumpy skin and visible scar. It’s important to discuss these risks with a qualified plastic surgeon before undergoing liposuction, and to follow the surgeon’s post-operative instructions carefully to minimize them. Invisible scar or minimizing scar is one of the most important goals when Dr An is

Is liposuction a permanent solution for fat removal?

After liposuction or fat grafting, the fat cells that are removed are gone permanently. However, it is possible for the remaining fat cells to increase in size if the patient gains weight. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle after liposuction to help ensure long-lasting results. It is best suited for people who are already at a healthy weight and want to contour specific areas of the body.

How long do I need to stay at the hospital?

Same day release or 1 day hospitalization when observation is needed.

How much does liposuction cost?

The cost of liposuction can vary depending on the extent of the procedure, current skin condition, insurance coverage, and the qualifications of the surgeon. It is important to carefully research and choose a qualified, experienced doctor to perform the procedure to ensure the best possible results and minimize the risk of complications.

How long does liposuction last?

There are a few factors that an effect how long the results of liposuction last

  1. The amount of fat removed: The more fat that is removed, the longer the results are likely to last.
  2. The patient’s lifestyle: People who maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly after liposuction are more likely to see long-lasting results.
  3. The patient’s age: Younger people tend to have better skin elasticity, which can help the skin conform to the contours of the body after fat removal.
  4. The patient’s genetics: Some people are naturally predisposed to gaining or losing weight in certain areas of the body, which can affect the longevity of the results of liposuction.
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