5D Liposculpture in Korea at Lydian

Although most of us have heard of liposuction, what is 5D liposculpture and what makes it different from regular liposuction?


5D liposculpture is a procedure that removes the deep fat layers of your body, leaving a superficial fat layer over the patient’s original muscle shape. This can result in more defined waist lines or for a six-pack abdomen for men. 5D Liposculpture can be performed in abdomen, chest line, and side body. 


Muscle lines are sculped based on the goal of each individual patient and downtime for this procedure is 1 week, which is very minimal. Dr. An is highly specialized in performing this procedure resulting in minimal scarring


There are only several doctors worldwide who can perform a 5D liposculpture procedure. Among them, Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic’s own Doctor An produces natural results with his unique and detailed surgical methods, adding perfection to the contours of your muscles.


It is important to note that liposuction operations require thorough care for each step of the procedure, as there may be side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, and infection.

5D liposculpture korea

How is 5D Liposculpture Different?

Firstly, 5D liposculpture results in natural and complete surgical results. This is because our incision methods and advanced equipment result in invisible scarring, as well as the use of a special protector. 


Secondly, our 5D liposculpture operation minimizes bruising by suctioning fat as if carving through the texture of the muscles. This makes daily life possible the day after operation. In addition, there is no removal of stitches.


Lastly, Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic performs using VASER High-Definition Liposuction methods, of which Doctor An received extensive training from Dr. Alfredo Hoyos, the inventor of high definition liposuction with VASER. 

Traditional liposuction focuses on smooth extraction; the aim is generally not to create contours but to uniformly remove the thickness of fat. Lydian vaser High-definition Liposuction treatment takes contouring further by targeting small fat deposits around and on top of muscle tissue.

The concept of creating sculpted abs through surgery might seem miraculous. It surprises not only many patients but even some plastic surgeons who are unaware such procedures exist or aren’t well-versed in efficiently crafting a toned abdomen. Imagine a sculptor crafting a statue. It’s not just about suctioning fat but doing so artfully—removing more in some areas and less in others, much like shaping clay. This means we are one of the few clinics in the world who can perform High-Definition Liposuction (5D Liposculpture) and have thereby undergone extensive study and training. 


  • Invisible incision 
  • Sculpted abdominal muscle lines as you wish
  • Highly-trained staff
  • Return to daily life possible the next day


surgery 3 to 4 hours

same day release

jogging after 10 days

intense exercises after 1 month

compression garment

week 1~2 24h/day

week 3~4 12h/day



Less than 1 week

very little bruising/swelling

improves in 2 weeks

Hi-Definition Lines are Different for Men and Women

For Male Patients

Not only women but also men experience significant stress due to increasing belly fat as they age. The coveted ‘six-pack’ abs require a body fat percentage below a certain level to be visibly defined, which necessitates consistent abdominal exercises as well. This is where Lydian 5D Liposculpture gains popularity. It goes beyond simply removing deep layers of fat; the method involves sculpting by preserving the superficial fat layer according to the muscular definition, helping to create that desired six-pack look on the abdomen.

Beauty isn’t just about having abs; the approach to designing the male and female form should be tailored based on individual need. Men require a more masculine aesthetic, while women benefit from a design that accentuates feminine grace. Repurposing the aspirated fat for augmentation in areas like the chest, arms, or buttocks is not uncommon.

For men patient, the Lydian Clinic’s 5D Liposculpture technique is applied to actual cases to enhance masculine features while slimming the waist and meticulously refining areas down to the pelvis and pubic region. The lateral chest, armpits, and back are significantly thinned out to emphasize the musculature. The picture below is day 1 after the surgery:


For Female Patients

For women patients, the goal is a more defined waist, which can make the body appear significantly slimmer. Also, woman patients mostly prefer “11-shape” side lines rather than well-defined “ab cracks”, so aim is often create a subtle lines. Our 5D Liposculpture technique extends this precise sculpting approach to the flanks and the areas surrounding the chest to make it appear more prominent.

Moreover, we employ an anatomically driven approach to holistically redesign the body. Recognizing that each individual differs in waist length, pelvis size, and chest circumference, the aesthetic outcomes post-surgery must be personalized.

Therefore, during the consultation phase, the design plan is tailored to each person’s unique anatomical characteristics. 


Also, before undergoing the 5D Liposculpture that crafts the subtle lines for women, concerns about scarring are inevitable. Even when considering traditional abdominal liposuction, it usually involves two or more incisions, resulting in scars that often require additional treatments post-surgery. At Lydian, whether it’s liposuction or 5D liposculpture, we operate via a minimal number of incisions, often discreetly located at the belly button, pubic area, or near the tailbone, all of which are invisible.


Lastly, many of our female patients at Lydian, especially those with a history of childbirth, experience loose abdominal skin. While this is a common concern, it’s important to know that outstanding results can still be achieved. During your in-person consultation, Dr. An will carefully assess your skin’s condition and discuss potential treatment plans tailored to your unique needs. For those with significant skin laxity, Dr.An often recommends a combination of a mini or semi-tummy tuck paired with our advanced 5D liposculpture technique. This approach is designed to not only flatten and enhance the abdominal area but also refine your entire body line, thus restoring your pre-pregnancy silhouette. Have confidence that, with our expertise, you can look forward to results that match and even exceed your expectations. Rest assured, whether a tummy tuck is needed or not, you can anticipate favorable outcomes. 


How 5D Liposculpture Works


Different Cannula


Just like we use different knives for different purpose in sculpture work, we insist using different cannula tube for different fat cells. We have a state-of-the-art standard on liposuction. 

liposculpture near me

Depending on the area, fat cells all have different sizes and shapes even it’s from the same person’s abdomen. In order to have a state-of-the-art result, we need to use various different kinds of cannula tubes, so that fat can be absorbed beautifully.



liposculpture cost


Dr.An has been in the industry for over 20 years, as one of the very first generation of liposuction industry, he developed a set of 30 different cannula for different shape and size fat cells. That’s why you would be able to expect an artistic result after surgeries in Lydian.



Beauty of Liposculpture

high def lipo


Everyone has abs, they are just hidden under fat cells. One of the benefits you can really having from 5D Liposculpture is making your abs visible. Photo above is one of our patients.



lymphatic liposculpture


Regular liposuction only covers in fat layers from the skin layer diagram above, and all 5 layers above will be considered together in 5D liposculpture.



We all have beautiful lines

Don’t hesitate

to explore yours


Minimum Scars

No matter using how small cannula tube, we can’t avoid the scars. So we reallly need to minimize the incisions, and make the scar invisible for the perfect result.

  • Least Incisions: With the special set of cannula tube, Dr.An only does 2-3 incision while most of the surgeons in industry will make 5-10 incisions for the surgery.
  • Invisible Scars: Dr.An will make incisions at invisible area, such as inside the belly button, public area, tailbone, etc.
  • Minimize Scar size: For the best result and the recovery, Dr.An will use skin protectors to minmize the scar size, and protect the skin during the surgery.  


Common Questions

Question: Won’t I end up looking like I have Michelin tires?

Answer: Such concerns are understandable, given the bold and innovative procedure names. But rest assured at Lydian, our objective extends beyond providing just any result – we aim to achieve the specific outcome that you envision. This is a collaborative process, where significant time is spent in each consultation with our medical team and Dr. An to align with your expectations. Through comprehensive consultations with Dr. An, we ensure that your individual needs and desired results are fully understood and meticulously planned for. The success of our 5D liposculpture technique is reflected in the satisfaction of our patients and in the confidence they gain from the natural enhancements we provide. 


Question: Will I have visible scars?

In liposuction, the placement of scars can be of concern. Some surgeons attempt abdominal etching casually, creating incisions along each ab line, which can leave noticeable scars.


It’s not simply about using the existing muscles in the abdomen. We consider the entire muscular structure, like the obliques, the pyramidalis near the pelvis, the pectoral, underarm, shoulder lines, and the erector spinae muscles. Detailed anatomical knowledge and understanding of the individual’s muscle positioning are critical for perfect sculpting. At Lydian, both liposuction and 5D liposculpture, Dr.An will make 2-3 incisions (4-8 incisions are normal in any other clinics) at belly button, pubic area, and tailbone area.

Question: Is the skin texture remaining soft?

Answer: The resulting abs are tailored to the individual’s existing muscles, ensuring an accurate shape. The feel can be likened to pressing on toned abs: beneath the firm muscles, there’s a soft layer of fat. Post-procedure, the grooves between the muscles have minimal fat and the raised muscles maintain a cushioning of fat, roughly 5-7mm thick, making it difficult to detect any trace of surgery.

Question: What happens if I gain weight? or if I’m 60?

Answer: Dr.An usually tells the patient it is like getting a tattoo – it stays with you. Dr.An performed 5D Liposculpture since 2008, our patients have retained their sculpted abs, provided they maintain their weight.

For instance, if one weighed 70kg or 80kg at the time of the procedure, they should maintain that weight. A variation of ±5kg isn’t critical; an 80kg individual wouldn’t lose the abs shape at 85kg, but at 100kg, a dramatic change is likely. Thus, if one continues to exercise and follow a healthy diet, the crafted abs, whether the male or female variant, can be preserved.


Question: How painful it is?

Answer: Just as 100 sit-ups after a period of inactivity would make your abs sore, as would the day after being hit, the same analogy applies to post-procedure discomfort—it’s hardly excessive. In regular cases, achieving such abs requires sustained exercise and a healthy lifestyle and might still not yield the desired definition. But with Lydian’s technique, there’s only minor discomfort for about four days, with no significant pain thereafter, and in about three months, you can have the abs you’ve always wanted.


Question: I have given birth, can I go back to my previous skin elasticity?

Answer: For women patients, rather than “ab cracks”, aim is often create a subtle 11 side lines. However, for women who have given birth, loose abdominal skin can be an issue, which may necessitate a tummy tuck(abdominoplasty) for optimal results. Once we assess whether the concerns can be addressed with or without tummy tuck, it becomes clear. In cases of significant skin laxity, 5D liposculupture combined with tummy tuck, which includes an incision and removal of excess skin with an underlying suture, can remarkably flatten the area, and improve the body line, offering hope to many women who’ve felt down about not regaining their pre-pregnancy figure.

Video Before & After from Lydian Patients

We would like to show the real, not-edited raw results, instead of before and after photos that could be easily manipulated.

Our Philosophy

lydian plastic surgery clinic korea

At Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea, 5D liposculpture has become a routine operation that we can complete safely, comfortably, and accurately. What’s more, we are one of the few clinics in the world who are trained in this particular type of operation.



We understand that for many of our patients, this may be their first operation and therefore nerve-wracking. Apart from our top skills, Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic has strong sympathy for how emotionally, financially, and physically difficult a plastic surgery operation can be. This is why we strive to make our entire process customer-focused and transparent. Providing expert customer care and support is also why Doctor An has trained extensively in 5D liposculpture.

Why at Lydian?

Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic prides itself on being a first-class and international clinic, helping a wide range of patients in the heart of Seoul, the plastic surgery capital of the world. In addition, Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic is the clinic of choice for VIP patients such as influencers, diplomats, and celebrities alongside everyday citizens.


Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic also stands out among plastic surgery clinics in Seoul and Korea at large due to our highly trained and experienced medical staff that specializes in scar reduction. With the aid of our Chief Director Doctor An, our procedures result in a natural yet aesthetically pleasing look. Should you have any questions or concerns, Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic offers a thorough and reliable service starting from our free consultation until the end of your last check-in.

ultrasonic liposculpture


Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic’s 5D liposculpture aims for a safe operation with the aid of our experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment. Please read the following information carefully to better understand the equipment used.

Air Vibration Liposuction Device

Air Vibration Liposuction Device (Eva II): Eva II is safe enough to allow the operation to only be performed with local anesthesia. It results in a low rate of bleeding, a shorter treatment time, and fast recovery time. Eva II also helps increase skin elasticity.

vaser liposculpture

Vaser: A vaser melts upper fat close to the epidermis layer and makes natural inhalation possible. This device is vital for creating six-pack abs as a type of 3rd generation ultrasound. It induces collagen formation and increases skin elasticity.


Liposaver: This device is capable of delicate liposuction. With a repossaver, Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic is able to create a sophisticated body shape and clear muscle lines. This device also creates a skin lifting effect that dissolves fat through high-frequency energy.

Before and After Pictures



For those living in Seoul or Korea, Dr. An is readily available for in-person appointments. However, we also welcome international patients with our multilingual service. Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic is happy to schedule video conference calls with Dr. An through the telephone, email, or the below consultation form.


Meet With Dr.An

After completion of the consultation, Dr. An will guide you to the correct procedures and operation day. The cost of each procedure depends on the individual and will be discussed during the meeting. Dr. An will not only discuss the price, but will also clearly explain each step of the procedure, as well as provide a list of everything you’ll need to prepare before the operation.


Before the surgery takes place in Seoul, Dr. An will once again discuss the details of the procedure. This is particularly important for those who had online consultation and have not had a chance to meet Dr. An in person.


Important to know

It is very important to not only understand your entire procedure for a sense of safety and security, but to also recognize what to do post-procedure. Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic ensures that the results of all procedures last longer and recover quickly through our post-care system. We provide the best post-care service through state-of-the-art aftercare equipment as well as vascular nutrients, drug therapy, and lymphatic massage. We also provide our patients with IV nutrients and medication.


It is important to note that abdominal lines are not clearly visible in the first month post-procedure and will begin to appear after three months.


It can be a major decision to get a 5D liposculpture. We also understand that our patients may not be natives of Korea and therefore may feel uncertain about whether or not to follow through with the procedure based on location and price. This is why Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic offers a complimentary consultation to each patient. Remember, we’re with you every step of the way!

Start Your Transformation Journey 

5D Liposculpture is a very safe procedure when in the hands of trained professionals such as Doctor An. However, we understand that you may have questions regarding your unique situation, price of the procedure, and so on.


Interested in having a 5D liposculpture in Korea? We have got you covered! Each initial consultation is free; you only have to use our convenient email form to get started.


We look forward to seeing you in Seoul.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s the difference between Liposuction and 5D Liposculpture?

5D liposculpture removes the deep fat layers of your body, leaving a superficial fat layer over original muscle shape, a muscle shape result is achievable. Also, there is a pre-procedure care and post-care system in comparison to other operation types. 5D liposculpture is a better choice for patients who want invisible incisions and quick return to daily life.

Where is 5D Liposculpture performed?

Target areas for 5D liposculpture can be abdomen, chest line, and side body.

How long does recovery of 5D Liposculpture in Korea take?

Surgery will be done under sleeping anesthesia, you are able to go home on the same day, return to daily life the next day, intense exercises after 1 month.

Do stitches need to be removed?

There is no stitches removal after operation. 3-4 post-operative visits are recommended for the best result.

Do I need hospitalization?

Mostly same-day discharge, unless specific observations are needed due to personal condition.

Will I end up looking like I have Michelin tires?

Such concerns are understandable, given the bold and innovative procedure names. However, we spend significant time in each consultation with our medical team and Dr. An to align with your expectations. Through comprehensive consultations with Dr. An, we ensure that your individual needs and desired results are fully understood and meticulously planned for. You will have the results you expect.

What happens if I gain weight or if I’m aging after HD Liposuction(5D Liposculpture)?

Dr.An usually tells the patient it is like getting a tattoo – it stays with you. For instance, if one weighed 70kg or 80kg at the time of the procedure, they should maintain that weight. A variation of ±5kg isn’t critical; an 80kg individual wouldn’t lose the abs shape at 85kg, but at 100kg, a dramatic change is likely. Thus, if one continues to follow a healthy diet, whether the male or female variant, results can be preserved.