Tummy Tuck in Korea at Lydian

Worried about sagging skin following weight loss or pregnancy? Loose skin can be a major source of stress, but with Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic’s tummy tuck procedure, it doesn’t have to be.


Lead Dr. An is known for performing tummy tuck procedures that result in minimal scarring and limited downtime


Abdominal liposuction alone is difficult to fundamentally improve a sagging stomach. When it comes to those who are obese or pregnant, the elasticity of the abdominal skin decreases to a level that makes it nearly impossible to return to its prior state. The tummy tuck procedure makes stretched muscles tight once again, removing a layer of fat as well as stretched and sagging skin.


A tummy tuck procedure can be combined with 5D Liposculpture to get recreate more sculpted abdominal muscles.


Undergoing a tummy tuck procedure with a highly specialized doctor is essential for ensuring absolute safety, harnessing extensive experience, and achieving quality results for a more toned abdomen. While any surgery can involve risks such as bleeding, inflammation, and infection, our dedicated team is committed to minimizing these risks and providing personalized care for each patient. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we believe that with our meticulous approach, the benefits of this transformative procedure will greatly outweigh the concerns associated with the surgery’s intensity.

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Types of Procedure: Tummy Tuck

There are various reasons why people who want to undergo a tummy tuck operation. After choosing the method and design that suits your unique situation, Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic promises to perform with all of our focus and dedication. 

1. What is Tummy Tuck Surgery

A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure aimed at improving the appearance of the abdomen. During this cosmetic surgery, excess skin and fat are removed from the abdominal area, and the muscles of the abdominal wall are often tightened. The result is a flatter, more toned abdominal profile.


This procedure is particularly popular with patients who have undergone significant weight loss, pregnancy, or aging, and have been left with sagging skin and weakened muscles that do not respond to diet and exercise. A tummy tuck can significantly improve the contour of the abdomen and, for many individuals, can enhance self-esteem and body confidence. However, it’s important to maintain realistic expectations and understand that a tummy tuck is not a substitute for weight loss or a suitable exercise regimen. An abdominal tummy tuck will allow you to leave the clinic with a fresh start toward newfound mental and physical confidence. 


Depending on the surgery method, there are three types of abdominal tummy tuck procedures. 


Semi Tummy Tuck

At Lydian, we offer the Semi Tummy Tuck, a procedure that is less invasive than a Full Tummy Tuck. This approach provides significant improvements and natural results with minimal scarring and a quicker recovery. Ideal for many women, especially those who have experienced pregnancy or childbirth, the Semi Tummy Tuck effectively targets and corrects sagging skin in the abdominal area, resulting in a toned abdomen and a balanced waistline without significant downtime.


One of the key benefits of the Semi Tummy Tuck is that it maintains the natural shape of the navel, avoiding the common issue of the navel being pulled up in traditional tummy tucks. This ensures natural-looking results with no visible scars as the skin on the lower abdomen is flattened and the upper and lower abdominal areas are tightened.


Patients only need to stay in Korea for two weeks for the Semi Tummy Tuck, which can be conveniently combined with 5D liposculpture to create defined abdominal lines, offering an enhanced and sculpted appearance. This combination procedure provides a comprehensive solution for those seeking a firm, natural-looking midsection with minimal recovery time.

Semi Tummy Tuck 1 Month Result at Lydian

tummy tuck before and after

Full Tummy Tuck

At Lydian, we offer the Full Tummy Tuck, the most common form of abdominal surgery, ideal for individuals who have experienced significant weight loss due to pregnancy or severe obesity and whose abdominal muscles cannot return to their previous state. This procedure involves a meticulous process of separating the skin and muscle, performing muscle plication (tying the rectus abdominis muscle), and suturing to achieve a flatter, smoother abdomen. Our approach includes the creation of a new belly button, meticulously sculpted for an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and a minimized dissection area by Dr. An, which reduces complications and promotes a more comfortable recovery. The Full Tummy Tuck effectively addresses both the upper and lower abdomen, making it suitable for patients with significant excess skin and obesity. Patients need to stay in Korea for at least six weeks for this procedure to ensure proper healing and optimal results.

Mini Tummy Tuck

The Mini Tummy Tuck is designed to remove skin underneath the belly button that has lost elasticity, making it particularly beneficial for women who have undergone a cesarean section. This method often uses the previous cesarean scar, leading to a more natural and aesthetically pleasing result. While the Mini Tummy Tuck is the least invasive type of tummy tuck, it has certain limitations regarding the extent of improvements, making it unsuitable for every patient. For some individuals, Dr. An may recommend lifting liposuction over the Mini Tummy Tuck as a less invasive alternative, depending on the patient’s skin elasticity and goals. The best course of action is determined during a comprehensive in-person consultation, where Dr. An can expertly assess your suitability for each procedure.

What To Keep in Mind When Getting a Tummy Tuck

01. Lifting Liposuction Instead of Mini Tummy Tuck  

For individuals seeking effective body contouring, lifting liposuction might be a more suitable alternative to a mini tummy tuck. While a mini tummy tuck involves removing 20-25cm of skin through a 3-5cm incision and is the least invasive version of tummy tucks, it may not deliver satisfactory results for everyone. Lifting liposuction, on the other hand, offers a less invasive option with the potential for more comprehensive fat removal and body sculpting.


02. Minimal Scarring and Seroma


At Lydian, we place special emphasis on minimizing and artfully concealing scars. Our skilled surgeons ensure that any incisions are strategically placed under the bikini line, making them virtually undetectable when wearing swimwear. In contrast, many other clinics may not take such meticulous care in scar placement, potentially leading to more visible marks.


While a Full Tummy Tuck can produce natural-looking results, it does carry inherent risks such as scarring and seroma (fluid accumulation in the dissected area) around the navel. These risks highlight the importance of choosing a highly experienced and skilled surgeon, like those at Lydian, who are committed to achieving the best possible aesthetic outcomes for their patients.


03. Natural-Looking Belly Button at Lydian


At Lydian, we take special care to ensure that the belly button maintains a natural appearance post-surgery. Our expert surgeons prioritize meticulous techniques to minimize visible scarring and create an aesthetically pleasing outcome.


In contrast, tummy tuck procedures performed at other clinics often involve pulling abdominal skin toward the pubic area, reattaching the navel, and suturing, which can result in noticeable scars that are difficult to conceal. Perfecting the belly button’s appearance can be particularly challenging, especially if it has been stretched due to factors like obesity, leading to visible scarring. By paying close attention to the details, Lydian excels in providing a more natural-looking belly button with minimal scarring.


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What to Expect at Lydian

At Lydian, our expert techniques focus on minimizing scarring and enhancing the natural appearance of the navel, often making revision surgery unnecessary. Our approach is designed to provide you with the best possible outcome, prioritizing a seamless recovery and aesthetic excellence. You will experience fewer side effects with the special suturing method Dr.An has invented, also you will have an attractive belly button after the surgery. Transform your silhouette with Dr.An at Lydian, where decades of experience and advanced techniques meet artistry. 

mini tummy tuck before and after
Key Point 1. Half Operated Area, No Seromas

Traditionally a full tummy tuck requires the rectus abdominis muscle vertically tied from the pituitary to the pubic area. In this case, the operated area is wider due to a dissection where the pituitary gland is located. Seromas can then occur in the middle of the abdomen. As it is difficult to resolve a seroma, many plastic surgeons avoid tummy tucks altogether. At Lydian, Dr.An reduces the area to be dissected by half through a method of horizontally tying the rectus abdominis muscle, and that leads to results with very little chance of Seromas.

tummy tuck surgery korea
Key Point 2. Handsome Belly Button

At Lydian, we take beauty and healing a step further by crafting a new belly button, rather than simply using the original one. This meticulous part of our process deals creatively with the stretched and distorted belly buttons that result from weight gain or pregnancy. At Lydian, Dr.An sculpts a new belly button that is more aesthetically pleasing, naturally contoured, and free of concern for scarring.

Ideal Patients for Lydian Tummy Tuck

  • Sagging skin following childbirth
  • Sagging skin where scars formed following surgery
  • Sagging skin following liposuction
  • Who have had fat removed due to obesity and now have no elasticity on their abdomen
  • Who have stretched out the abdominal fat layer (typically through a poor diet)
  • Whose abs have been stretched out and folded

Lydian Youtube Channel Tummy Tuck Contents

mini tummy tuck cost

Lydian Clinic has produced several helpful videos related to tummy tuck procedures. Watching these clips will help patients understand their desired procedure more thoroughly. Let us help you find your slim figure. We will be with you every step of the way!


things to know about tummy tuck

If you are traveling to Korea for a Tummy Tuck procedure, we recommend staying in Korea for two weeks in the case of a Mini Tummy Tuck or Semi Tummy Tuck, and three to four weeks for a Full Tummy Tuck, to ensure the best results and recovery.


4-5 hours

stitches removal on

day 7~10





7~8 follow-up


2. What is Umbilicoplasty


Most people miss how belly button plays a critical part in voluptuous body. Umbilicoplasty, also known as belly button surgery, helps to recenter the belly button to create a more natural and attractive appearance. In order to achieve this look, the belly button will be vertically elongated and curled inward.


It is important to note that umbilicoplasty is a more advanced procedure and inappropriate surgical methods or untrained doctors can cause scarring and abnormal results. For some patients who have not taken caution with their clinic, post-procedure shows no improvement with a large, visible scar. At Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic, our surgeons are highly trained in this procedure and in addition are the leading experts in invisible scarring. 

Ideal Patients

Umbilicoplasty korea

Protruding, melon-shaped belly button

Umbilicoplasty seoul surgery

Rounded belly button

Umbilicoplasty procedure korea seoul

T-shaped belly button due to sagging skin

Umbilicoplasty recovery seoul

Depressed belly button due to excessive abdominal fat

The step-by-step process for the umbilicoplasty operation at Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic is as follows:

After identifying the shape and cause of each individual belly button, clients can determine their preferred shape. The direction of the operation is determined by checking the intensity of the hernia of the belly button, the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer, the presence or absence of the rectus abdominis muscle, and the amount of sagging skin. After sufficient consultation, Doctor An will suggest the ideal belly button shape to the patient. Dr.An will perform the surgery based on each patient situation, and finish the surgery with delicate stitching for invisible incisions.

Ultrasound Examination
Design and Surgery


things to know about umbilicoplasty


2 hours

stitches removal

day 7~10

local or





3-4 follow-up


Our Philosophy

lydian plastic surgery clinic korea

At Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic, our tummy tuck procedure has become a routine operation that we can complete comfortably and safely. Apart from our refined skills, Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic empathizes with the emotional, financial, and physical concerns that a patient may feel before their operation. This is why we make our entire process customer-focused and transparent from day one. It is also why our Chief Director, Doctor An, has trained extensively to minimize scars and have you feeling your best in no time.

Why at Lydian?

Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic prides itself on being a first-class and international clinic, helping a wide range of patients in the heart of Seoul, the plastic surgery capital of the world. In addition, Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic is the clinic of choice for VIP patients such as influencers, diplomats, and celebrities alongside everyday citizens.


Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic also stands out among plastic surgery clinics in Seoul and Korea at large due to our highly trained and experienced medical staff that specializes in scar reduction. With the aid of our Chief Director Doctor An, our procedures result in a natural yet aesthetically pleasing look. Should you have any questions or concerns, Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic offers a thorough and reliable service starting from our free consultation until the end of your last check-in.

ultrasonic liposculpture


There are numerous benefits to receiving tummy tuck surgery that go beyond appearance.

01. Best Recovery and Results

Firstly, Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic has over 20 years experience that amounts to over 10,000 cases. We achieve natural and complete surgical results that do not end with additional operations and feature distinct invisible incisions and special protector methods that prevent scarring. Additionally, our tummy tuck operations minimize pain and bruising after surgery by removing fat as if carving through the natural texture of the muscles. This means that it will be possible to return to your daily life, including showering, the day after surgery.   


02. Perfect Body Line Without Scar

Abdominal surgery will result in a slimmer waistline that can be completed fully with an additional liposuction operation. We’ll be able to cover incision scars by locating them in a hidden area. Our specialized skin tightening equipment helps to maximize the effects of surgery, complimented by thorough and accurate body type analysis. All of this is complemented with a fast recovery time and reduced complications through our highly safe and accurate methods.

03. Sexy Vertical Belly Button 

In the case of umbilicoplasty, Doctor An will collect the surrounding abdominal rectus muscle and subcutaneous fat layer if necessary depending on the patient’s condition. Our clinic goes beyond aesthetic value, making sure our patients remain healthy throughout the entire process. In the case of more elaborate surgeries, the umbilical skin can be fixed to the button of the abdomen, resulting in a surgery without requiring a suture.

Post-care at Lydian

Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic also uses specialized equipment to get you feeling your best. Our specialized post-care equipment includes: Corage 2.0 aftercare, ultrasound aftercare and noble shape.

Corage 2.0:

Unlike existing high-frequency equipment, our Corage 2.0 machine regenerates cells in a healthy way through 16 types of energy rather than collagen degeneration or heat treatment. It also increases the production of collagen and elastin that adds to the thickness of the dermal layer. Corage Cell Fit is effective in reducing swelling, minimizing bruising, and healing wounds by relieving clogged lymphatic vessels after operation.

Ultrasound Aftercare:

Ultrasound Aftercare at Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic minimizes postoperative swelling and bruising by discharging waste products through lymphatic vessels and shaking damaged tissues with large wavelengths that penetrate into the skin and evenly arranging fibers, helping to minimize postoperative unevenness. It also helps to turn tough skin soft and elastic.

Noble Shape:

Light energy and low frequencies are irradiated to the skin to activate cell tissues to relieve pain, and to relieve muscle pain by causing contraction and relaxation of tense muscles. It has excellent effects on cell regeneration, pain relief, edema reduction, and blood circulation promotion after surgery.

IV Therapy:

To boost your immune system and keep you in optimal condition, IV therapy is very helpful in providing vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals. When vitamins and nutrients are taken orally, less than half of their effectiveness is absorbed by the body. However, if you infiltrate it directly through the bloodstream, the effect is magnified and the condition that has fallen due to surgery can be immediately alleviated.


If self-management is neglected after body shaping, the size of fat cells will increase again. Medication can lead to a more effective diet by accurately identifying the cause of weight gain. We prescribe medicine according to each client’s body type.

Before And After Pictures



For those living in Seoul or Korea, Dr. An is readily available for in-person appointments. However, we also welcome international patients with our multilingual service. Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic is happy to schedule video conference calls with Dr. An through the telephone, email, or the below consultation form.


Meet With Dr.An

After completion of the consultation, Dr. An will guide you to the correct procedures and operation day. The cost of each procedure depends on the individual and will be discussed during the meeting. Dr. An will not only discuss the price, but will also clearly explain each step of the procedure, as well as provide a list of everything you’ll need to prepare before the operation.


Before the surgery takes place in Seoul, Dr. An will once again discuss the details of the procedure. This is particularly important for those who had online consultation and have not had a chance to meet Dr. An in person.


Important to know

It is very important to not only understand your entire procedure for a sense of safety and security, but to also recognize what to do post-procedure. Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic ensures that the results of all procedures last longer and recover quickly through our post-care system. We provide the best post-care service through state-of-the-art aftercare equipment as well as vascular nutrients, drug therapy, and lymphatic massage. We also provide our patients with IV nutrients and medication.


It can be a major decision to get a tummy tuck. Thus, fully understanding pre- and post-procedure care is vital to our operation and the morals associated with Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic. Remember, we’re with you every step of the way!


Start Your Transformation Journey 

Tummy tucks are a very safe procedure when in the hands of experts such as Doctor An. However, we understand that you may still have questions regarding your unique situation, prices of the procedure, and more.

Are you interested in having a tummy tuck in Seoul? Wondering how much it will cost? Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic has you covered. Every initial consultation is free, and you only have to use our convenient form to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a tummy tuck?

To improve a sagging stomach, a tummy tuck procedure is performed to make the stretched muscles tight once again, removing a layer of fat as well as stretched and sagging skin.

What is umbilicoplasty surgery?

Umbilicoplasty or belly button surgery helps to recenter the belly button and creates a more natural appearance. During the surgery the belly button will be vertically elongated and curled inward.

How will I get home after a tummy tuck?

After your tummy tuck procedure, you will be released on the next day. It is highly recommended to arrange for someone to drive you home or back to your accommodation. Give your body enough time to recover, so take it easy the first few days.

What is the difference between traditional tummy tuck VS Lydian tummy tuck?

A Lydian full tummy tuck achieves a slim appearance similar to a traditional tummy tuck. The difference lies in fewer side effects and a more attractive belly button due to our advanced techniques that reduce scarring and enhance the navel’s look.