Face Lifting in Korea at Lydian

Lifting procedures performed at Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic help to eliminate signs of aging. Lifting technology has improved immensely over the years and continues to make strides forward under the expertise of specialists such as Doctor An.

It is important to note that lifting procedures can have various side effects such as a fever, skin irritation, and skin sensitivity. Please monitor your symptoms carefully and contact a doctor if necessary.

Types of Procedure

There are two main types of lifting procedures. Please read the following information carefully to determine which operation best suits you.

1. Corage 2.0 Lifting

Longing to look and feel more youthful? Are you exercising regularly, taking vitamins, but still not seeing improvements? With Corage 2.0 Lifting, Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic offers a unique way to exercise your skin.

What Is Corage 2.0

Corage 2.0 is a device that awakens the skin’s natural cells, collagen, and elastin. Unlike high-frequency equipment, Corage 2.0 Lifting is not a collagen denaturation or fever treatment. Instead, 16 types of resonance energy are applied to regenerate cells, healthy collagen and elastin production that increases the dermal layer and creates more elasticity.

Corage 2.0 Lifting korea

Lydian Corage 2.0 Lifting 4-step Solution

Corage 2.0 Lifting seoul korea

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Awaken the Cell

This includes the use of a plasma roller that aids in fibroblast regeneration, collagen production, pore reduction, and collagen rebuilding.

Cell Excretion and Rubbing Ceramic

Our second step focuses on excretion of aged tissue, as well as the activation of tissue and cell functions. In addition, you will notice tightening and regeneration of the skin alongside wrinkle improvement.

Cell Proliferation

Cell proliferation (1): Through the use of a skin glove, cell tissue and function are reactivated. This helps lift and regenerate the skin and improve wrinkles.

Cell proliferation (2): Through the use of a skin glove and needle, the cell tissue and function are further activated to lift and regenerate skin while improving wrinkles.

Vacuum Control

Using the Corage 2.0 Egg, we can absorb the skin through a soft vacuum without bruising no matter the skin type. By using this device, patients can see improvement in skin tightening, lifting and volume.

What To Expect From Corage 2.0 Lifting

  • Increased cell activity in epidermis and dermis
  • Skin moisturizing effects 
  • Skin barrier improvement
  • Lifting and tightening effect
  • Collagen and elastic fiber production
  • Increased dermal thickness
  • Evening of skin tone
  • Skin texture improvement

2. Sharky Thread Lifting

Thread lifting allows patients to achieve a V-line face shape without undergoing contouring surgery that requires bone shaving. At Lydian, we use our very own Sharky Thread as opposed to regular thread, which helps to provide a simple and safe solution to reducing wrinkles. Lydian Clinic’s procedure meanwhile increases elasticity of the skin, helping patients leave feeling and looking their best.

How Sharky Thread Lifting Works

Thread Lifting korea
Wide Surface Fixing

Since the thread is firmly fixed and supported by a wide fixing surface rather than a dot, the thread does not break easily and the lifting effect lasts longer.

Thread Lifting seoul korea
Prevention of Rapid Absorption Into the Body

Thanks to the Nano Wire Forming Technology, sharky threads are made without using heat, compensating from breakage in the body after procedures that can occur in cutting rooms and prevents rapid absorption of thorns into the body.

korean Thread Lifting
360° Tight Cog

The 360° cog tightly holds the entire tissue inside the skin, so it is not affected by large facial movements. Thus, there is no need to worry about loosening the fixing force or thread breakage.

korean thread face lift
Minimize Tissue Damage

Because the procedure requires the use of a rounded needle with a thin tip, skin tissue damage is minimized when inserting the thread, helping to reduce bruising and swelling.

Lydian Thread Lifting Know-how

thread lift korea
01. Customized Design

Lydian Clinic carefully observes all parts of the client’s face (forehead, cheeks, eyes, nose, ear lobe, chin, jawline and neck) and provides comprehensive feedback to produce natural results tailored to each patient’s face shape. We are able to locate various points for improvement such as sagging skin, abnormal fat levels, and facial asymmetry. Following this, Lydian will be able to determine the optimal treatment method to achieve a balanced and beautiful appearance.

korean thread lift
02. Sharky Thread

Existing thread lifts are inserted only in one direction without a fixed point, decreasing the skin’s retention strength and also over-emphasizing the cheekbones to make a client’s face look larger. Thanks to the Sharky Thread Lifting procedure developed by Lydian’s Director An, the thread has a 300% larger protrusion than normal and extends a full 360 degrees, improving the fixing force several times over.

Ideal Patients

  • Those who desire a V-line shaped face
  • Those with fine lines and sagging skin
  • Those who worry about sagging skin following contouring surgery
  • Those whose skin is weak due to aging

What To Expect From Thread Lifting

Semi-permanent Result

Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic’s unique lifting techniques leave a semi-permanent effect. Client satisfaction is extremely high as skin retention lasts longer.


Special Thread

Our cutting-edge(sharky) thread makes operations safer while also increasing the quality of collagen directly placed into the skin. By using dissolving thread, patients are able to quickly adjust areas of the skin that require more lifting.


Customized Treatment Plan

We provide customized treatment plan. We find know-how on resolving patient’s skin concerns such as sagging, fat degree, facial asymmetry, and use this knowledge to determine the optimal treatment plan for a balanced and aesthetic result.


things to know about thread lifting

operation time

about 30mins

no stitches removal





1 follow-up


Our Philosophy

lydian plastic surgery clinic korea

At Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic, lifting operations are completed safely, comfortably, and accurately under the guidance of our expert staff. We understand that for many patients this may be their first operation. That’s why Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic provides in-depth pre- and post-care that has garnered clients from around the world. Our entire process is transparent starting from the first day until your final visit.


There are numerous reasons why you may want to undergo a lifting procedure. Preferences can also differ according to age, race, and gender, to name a few. After choosing the procedure that best suits your situation, Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic promises to perform with our entire focus and dedication.

Why at Lydian?

Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic is a first-class, international clinic based in the Gangnam district of Seoul, also known as the plastic surgery capital of the world. As well as everyday clients, Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic is well-known among VIP patients such as influencers, diplomats, and celebrities. Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic stands out among clinics in Korea due to our highly trained and experienced medical staff specializing in scar reduction under the guidance and expertise of our Chief Director, Doctor An. Patients never need to worry about post-appearances, as our clinic guarantees a natural look with each operation.

If you have additional questions, comments, or concerns, we offer a thorough and reliable service starting from our free consultation until your final visit.

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Post-care at Lydian

Corage 2.0:

Unlike existing high-frequency equipment, our Corage 2.0 machine regenerates cells in a healthy way through 16 types of energy rather than collagen degeneration or heat treatment. It also increases the production of collagen and elastin that adds to the thickness of the dermal layer. Corage Cell Fit is effective in reducing swelling, minimizing bruising, and healing wounds by relieving clogged lymphatic vessels after operation.

Ultrasound Aftercare:

Ultrasound Aftercare at Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic minimizes postoperative swelling and bruising by discharging waste products through lymphatic vessels and shaking damaged tissues with large wavelengths that penetrate into the skin and evenly arranging fibers, helping to minimize postoperative unevenness. It also helps to turn tough skin soft and elastic.

Noble Shape:

Light energy and low frequencies are irradiated to the skin to activate cell tissues to relieve pain, and to relieve muscle pain by causing contraction and relaxation of tense muscles. It has excellent effects on cell regeneration, pain relief, edema reduction, and blood circulation promotion after surgery.

IV Therapy:

To boost your immune system and keep you in optimal condition, IV therapy is very helpful in providing vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals. When vitamins and nutrients are taken orally, less than half of their effectiveness is absorbed by the body. However, if you infiltrate it directly through the bloodstream, the effect is magnified and the condition that has fallen due to surgery can be immediately alleviated.


If self-management is neglected after body shaping, the size of fat cells will increase again. Medication can lead to a more effective diet by accurately identifying the cause of weight gain. We prescribe medicine according to each client’s body type.

Before And After Pictures



For those living in Korea, Doctor An is regularly available for in-person appointments. We also welcome international patients with our multilingual service that can be arranged via telephone, email, or our consultation form.


Meet With Dr.An

After completion of your consultation, Doctor An will guide you through the details of the operation procedures. The cost will depend on the individual and will be thoroughly reviewed during the initial meeting. In addition, we will provide you with everything you need to know to prepare for the operation.


Important to know

It is also important to note all of the post-care that is required from you. We provide the absolute highest quality and service through state-of-the-art aftercare equipment as well as vascular nutrients, drug therapy, and lymphatic massage.  In addition, we provide our patients with IV nutrients and medication.


Deciding to partake in lifting procedures can be overwhelming for first-time patients. Fully understanding pre- and post-procedure care, as well as the cost of each operation, is vital to the morals of Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic. It’s also why we offer a free consultation before any major decisions are made.

Start Your Journey 

Lifting is a safe and effective procedure when in the hands of professionals such as Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic and Doctor An. However, we understand that you may still have questions regarding your unique situation, cost, etc.

Interested in having a lifting procedure? Wondering which style of lifting is right for you? You only have to use our convenient message form to get started. Let’s start you on the journey to feeling your best.

We look forward to seeing you in Seoul.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is facial lifting?

At Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic, two types of lifting are offered: Corage 2.0 Lifting and Sharky Thread Lifting. Corage 2.0 Lifting is a procedure that awakens the skin’s natural cells, collagen, and elastin. Thread lifting allows patients to achieve a V-line face shape without undergoing contouring surgery that requires bone shaving.

How long does a lifting procedure last?

Lifting procedures are very quick and only take 30 minutes. No stitches are used and patients are released on the same day.

What is the thread type used at Lydian for face lifting?

Sharky Thread Lifting procedure developed by Lydian’s Director An, the thread has a 300% larger protrusion than normal and extends a full 360 degrees, improving the fixing force several times over.