Benefits of Facial Fat Grafting

As we get older, we see changes in our face and body. We get wrinkles on our face and we want to restore the younger skin that we once had. We also lose volume on our face and start to sag. This is when we can consider fat grafting. Adding volume to places where needed that you can look young again. Let’s look at what facial fat drafting is and the benefits.

What Is a Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is a procedure where a skilled plastic surgeon harvest unnecessary fat from the abdomen or thigh and inject it to the face area to restore the youthful appearance and give volume to the hollow face. The fat is purified using a special technique and only the pure fat will be injected to the face area.

Why Should I Get Facial Fat Grafting?

1. It is Natural

Using one’s own fat will make the process and also the result become very natural. Since fat is just moved from one part to another part, it will have the same properties and the body will not reject it badly. The injected fat will be also absorbed, which is also one of the natural processes of the body to absorb the fat.

2. Volume for the face

Many people look old because there is some empty volume on their face. Eating or gaining weight will not help to fill that area because it is there because of one’s bone structure. The only way to fill this area is by doing Fat Graft. Fat Graft makes it possible to basically inject fat and volume to a certain part of face.

3. Short Recovery Time

Fat Graft is not an invasive procedure. thus, you can go back to your daily life even right after the procedures. Nevertheless, since the doctor uses injection to insert the fat, you might need to avoid heavy exercise and sauna for a few days to reduce the risk of infections.

4. Long-Lasting Results

The results of Fat Graft are semi-permanent. During the first six months, some of the fat will be absorbed and the rest of the fat usually become permanent. It stays because the skin establish a blood supply to the fat, so it can stay there. There is no necessarily follow up treatment needed, but if the absorption rate is pretty high, you might need a second phase of Fat Graft.

For more inquires, you can contact us to get a free consultation. We specialize in facial fat grafting as well as body contour. It’s not easy for you to determine the best options. So we suggest you consult with the surgeon about what you would like to achieve. Fat grafting is very customized procedure in terms of surgery process, potential result, and also price. To avoid the failure, please don’t forget to go with an experienced, professional and communicative surgeon. Also, don’t forget to ask for a before & after pictures to have a glance on real cases.

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