Liposuction Trend In Seoul

When you look around in Seoul, you’ll notice many Koreans are slim and knows how to take care of themselves. They watch what they eat and many of them exercise on a regular basis. Because looking good has always been important in Seoul and there’s a social stigma about people who look fat. People who look fat may seem lazy and unhealthy. But thanks to the technology, we can look and feel confident. You can always contact us for a free consultation from Dr An who has so many experience over decades.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that liposuction can give you the slimline you’ve always wanted but you need to watch what you eatand exercise in order to keep yourself slim. Liposuction may not work for you if your diet doesn’t change after liposuction. I really need to emphasize that you need to watch what you eat and exercise on a regular basis because if you don’t, you may go back to the ‘old you’. So if you are determined to change your life-style healthier, this would be a perfect surgery for you! Let’s take a look at some of the latest trend of liposuction in Seoul.

Face Liposuction 

Skinny and small face has become a beauty standard in South Korea. Face liposuction to create and shape V line and remove double chin are the most common procedures in Korea. The fat is removed carefully to keep and maintain the pretty shape of the face and keep the skin elasticity. This procedure will shrink the face and the result is a skinny and slim face.

Arm Liposuction

Other than thigh, fat on the arm is one of the most difficult areas to be removed. Even with diet and exercise, the size of the arm never reduces. Liposuction becomes the best solution to remove the fat on arm and make the size smaller.

Mini Liposuction 

Instead of traditional liposuction, Mini liposuction deals with a smaller area of surgery and it is less invasive. The anestesia method is also just local anesthesia. The doctor removes the fat by using syringes. This could be one alternative to remove smaller amount of fat.

What is vaser Liposuction?

This procedure is one method of many liposuction methods. It uses ultrasonic waves technology to melt the fat and cannula to suck the fat. VASER is pretty popular equipment because it is very effective to remove fat on the surface or even deep inside and it clearly make the size smaller. VASER also does not causing damage to other skin tissues, thus many doctor who performed definition liposuction likes it.

Liposuction procedure requires comprehensive consultation with a specialist to determine a safe process. You can contact us for a free consultation if you have any inquires, we are also located in a convenient location in Gangnam. We offer precise and detailed consultation about what you would like to achieve. Also, once you step in, you’ll notice lots of high-tech equipment as we offer some of the newest and safest techniques when it comes to liposuction.

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