Liposuction In Korea

Liposuction In Korea

Obesity is a serious global health problem. The struggle to lose body fat and excess weight through exercise or dieting has led to alternative easy choices like liposuction,  fat dissolving injection, and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Liposuction in Korea has become a popular procedure, not only for getting rid of excess fat but also a body contouring purposes. Another reason is because of the constant desire of Koreans to look slim. You probably have seen that outlook is important in Korea and many Koreans look slim compared to the west. Therefore, Koreans are very conscious about their health and weight. Many of them exercise but when all else fails, they consider liposuction as a quick alternative method. This is why Korean surgeons have a huge experience operating on different parts of the body. Top Korean clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows the surgeons to effectively monitor the condition of the patient.

Liposuction surgery is supposed to give you beautiful body shape by removing stubborn fats from all the body parts. It is proven to be an effective and quick solution to get back in shape, at the same time to avoid other health risks associated with obesity. Now a question may arise, “how safe is liposuction and is it safe to do it in Korea?” Let’s go over how safe liposuction is overall and whether if it’s safe to do it in Korea.

How Safe Is Liposuction In Korea?

In order to understand how safe liposuction is, we need to consider how complicated this surgery is. Also, the history from patient data accumulated over the years.

Liposuction is a super popular surgery in Korea especially in Gangnam, Seoul. It’s the place where lots of top plastic surgery clinics are located. So it’s quite safe to do it in an area surrounded by top elite surgeons. Due to the nature of competitiveness in Gangnam, they had to offer the best and safest medical service in order to survive in the industry. However, as with any major surgery, liposuction carries risks. Potential risks associated with liposuction may include

  • bleeding
  • swelling and bruising of the area
  • post-surgical infection
  • a prolonged healing process
  • clotting of the fat or blood
  • shock
  • the accumulation of fluids
  • burns
  • perforations
  • lidocaine toxicity
  • unfavorable reactions to drugs or anesthesia

Other than those, side effects like skin looseness, numbness, and changes in pigmentation can also occur.

Just like any surgery, you should be carefully consider liposuction after weighing the minimal risks against the huge benefits. The good news is that having liposuction today in Korea dramatically reduces your risk. Even when unexpected side effects do occur, your physician should professionally manage these problems and help you recover. Thanks to new advancements in technology, education and techniques, liposuction is now the safest it has ever been.

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