A tummy tuck makes stretched abdominal muscles tight again, and it removes the stretched and sagging skin and fat layer.

Tummy Tuck at Lydian

Abdominal liposuction alone is difficult to fundamentally improve a sagging stomach. In the case of abdominal obesity, or pregnant women, the elasticity of the skin decreases to a level which makes it impossible to return to its prior state. A tummy tuck makes stretched abdominal muscles tight again, and it removes the stretched and sagging skin and fat layer.

*After surgery, there may be side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc., and subjective satisfaction may vary from person to person.

Abdominal Surgery

Firm up sagging abdominal lines, while simultaneously looking more firm.

  • Surgery time: 4-5 hours
  • Stitches removal: none
  • Anesthesia: General
  • Hospital stay: Same day release
  • Number of visits: about 3-4 times

Abdominal Surgery Ideal Patients

Abdominal surgery is recommended for the following people:

  • Those with severe sagging after childbirth
  • Those with sagging skin where scars were formed after surgery
  • Those who have had fat removed due to severe obesity and now have no elasticity in their abdomen skin
  • Those who have stretched out the fat layer of the skin that has increased after an excessive diet
  • Those who have sagging skin after an abdominal liposuction surgery
  • Those with abs that are stretched out and folded

Abdominal Plastic Surgery Methods

Full Tummy Tuck

This is the most common form of abdominal plastic surgery. This surgical method is used when the overall elasticity of the skin falls across the upper and lower abdomen, centering on the navel. After the surgery, you will have a new belly button in the ideal position.

Mini Tummy Tuck

This method is to cut off the skin under the belly button only if your belly has lost its elasticity. Especially if the scarred area of ​​a cesarean section is slightly covered with belly fat, a more effective result can be obtained by using a caesarean section scar.

Key Points of Abdominal Surgery at Lydian

  • 23 years of experience, abundant surgical experience with over 10000 cases
  • Natural and complete surgical results
  • Incision invisible and special protector prevents scarring
  • Minimizes pain and bruising after surgery by removing fat as if carving through the texture of the muscles
  • Daily life and shower possible from the next day after surgery
  • No need to remove stitches

Features of Abdominal Surgery

  • Slim waistline completed by simultaneous liposuction
  • Cover the scar with a small incision in the hidden area
  • Maximizing the effect of surgeries with skin tightening equipment
  • Personalized surgery through the accurate body type analysis
  • Fast recovery and reduced complications through safe and accurate surgery


Also known as Belly Button Surgery, Umbilicoplasty helps an attractive point of a sensual body, our belly.

  1. An attractive belly button is a vertically elongated, 1-shaped belly button that curls deep inside.
  2. If you use an inappropriate surgical method for the belly button surgery, it is important to have an experienced body shaping specialist for the surgery as there are cases where there is no improvement with only a scar.
  • Surgery time: 2 hours
  • Stitches removal: 7-10 days
  • Anesthesia: Local or General
  • Hospital stay: Same day release
  • Number of visits: about 3-4 times

Belly Button Surgery Ideal Patients

  • Protruding melon belly button
  • Round belly
  • T-shaped belly button due to sagging skin
  • A belly button that is depressed due to excessive abdominal fat

Target Areas

  • Entire upper arm area
  • Armpit area
  • Bra line
  • Rear shoulder

Belly Button Plastic Surgery Procedure

  1. Consultation and examination: After identifying the shape and cause of each individual’s belly button, determine the preferred shape.
  1. Ultrasound examination: The direction of the operation is determined by checking the intensity of the hernia of the belly button, the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer, the presence or absence of the rectus abdominal muscle, and the amount of sagging skin.
  1. Design: After sufficient consultation, Doctor An designs the ideal belly shape.

Why Lydian is the Best for Umbilicoplasty

Rather than simply rearranging the skin, the Doctor An collects the surrounding abdominal rectus muscle and the subcutaneous fat layer if necessary depending on the patient’s condition. In the case of more elaborate surgeries, the umbilical skin is fixed to the bottom of the abdomen, and the surgery is finished without requiring a suture.

Medical Procedure Process

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