Get Your Slim Fit Back with 5D Liposculpture

5D Liposculpture is a next generation technique after liposuction. It’s more complicated than liposuction since it is more than just removing excessive fat. We suggest you opt for this procedure if you are interested in liposuction. You can achieve a beautifully shaped abdomen with 5D Liposculpture. Lydian 5D Liposculpture is different than any other clinic. We not only think about solving fat problem, but also try to give you the best possible look.

Common Disappointing Points with Liposuction

For those of you who are thinking of liposuction, you probably have thoughts about losing fat. However, you are easily not paying attention to outcome of the body shape.

For example, there were cases where patients underwent tummy tuck (liposuction) but realized that the tummy lost its shape and form. Once the outer skin is stretched, it’s hard for the skin to go back to the original form. Think of an elastic band as your skin. Once it’s been stretched for a long time, it won’t go back to its original form. We lose the elasticity of our skin as we get older. So the older we are, the less less skin recoverability have have, our skin can’t go back to its original shape. This is usually the part where most people get disappointed. Patients often focus on how much fat they are going to lose without thinking of the aesthetic side. 

Liposuction usually has a goal of getting rid of excessive fat. So patients often believe they are going to go back to the way they were. Therefore you need to approach liposuction from the aesthetic point of view so you can lose fat and get the shape you want in order to maximize overall satisfaction.

1. Creating A Beautiful Shape

5D Liposculpture benefits are huge compared to conventional liposuction hence it creates the line, tightness while minimizing scars. If you are trying to sculpt a body, you need different instruments (cannula) in different part of the body to achieve a detailed outcome. Lydian has 30 different types of cannulas compared to other clinics which usually has only 3, so we can achieve detailed outcome. 

2. Creating A Tight Ab 

Everyone has muscles (abs) under their skin but it’s covered in fat. 5D liposculpture targets and overlooks all 5 layers of the skin (abs) to maximize the visibility of your abs.

3. Minimizing Scars 

Even the smallest cannula can leave a scar so we need to minimize scars or make it invisible. You don’t need to worry about it with 5D Liposculpture. Because Lydian use customized cannula and only insert 2-3 compared to 5-10 in other clinics. Also cannula is being inserted in places like your belly button or coccyx (tailbone) so it’s hardly visible.

Final thought

Sculpting is an art that takes time. In order to master someone’s body it will take time hence you may see things you didn’t see before. Outcome is important and every patient has a different preference regarding body shape. Therefore, you should get a detailed consultation, as we are the best in the way to lose fat in the best way possible.

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