What is a Brazilian Butt Lift (Hipup, BBL)?

One of the important factors of women’s attractiveness is the buttocks. Women try everything to achieve the ideal shape, volume and proportional. The beauty standards somehow set that a fuller and rounder buttocks is considered attractive and looks better than a flat one. To achieve that, many women are getting a cosmetic procedure called “Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery”. A skilled plastic surgeon doctor uses a special method to take fat from other areas and inject it to the buttocks area to augment the size and create a fuller shape of the buttock naturally without any other additional implants. The fat can be taken from the abdomen, back, thighs and even arm with normal liposuction technique, and the pure fat will be inserted to the buttocks with skill to make the shape prettier.

The Shape and Proportion

There are two main factors to determine the shape and volume of one’s buttocks. They are Genetic and lifestyle. Genetics determines the bone structure and how and where fat is stored in your body and lifestyle determines how much fat will be on the body. By doing a diet and exercise, mostly people can try to shape and increase  the volume by increasing the muscle volume around the buttocks. However, this method might not help some people to meet their expectations. Here is where Brazilian hipup surgery helps to re-shape the surrounding areas to meet their expectations.

Another reason to do a Brazilian hipup surgery is to give more curves to one’s lower body. Some people has an originally wide abdomen and small waist that makes it look straight with no curves. By doing Brazilian Hipup Surgery, the plastic surgeon will do his/her best to remove the fat around the love handle area and inject more to the buttocks area. The result is it shapes the waist to look wider compared to the love handle and gives the person the curves they want. Brazilian Hipup surgery can help one to improve their upper and lower body balances and it will also help to raise their confidence because they could achieve their aesthetic goals.

Choosing the Right Clinic

A skilled and experienced doctor is needed to do Brazilian hipup surgery. The liposuction technique might be common, but the fat injection technique to the buttocks requires a long extensive training and thousands of experiences to satisfy the patients. It is clearly very important for you to choose the right doctor for the maximum result you can get.

You need to check the doctor’s background and how long of experience the doctor has. Please also make sure that the doctor performed this surgery before. Additionally, seeing the doctor before and after results also helps you to consider if the doctor you are consulting with is the one or not.

Why Choose Lydian for your Brazilian Hipup Surgery?

Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic in Seoul offers Brazilian hipup surgery where lots of celebrities go to get their Brazilian hipup. Operation time is typically 3-4 hours with general anesthesia. You get to be discharged on the same-day but you do need to come in 3-4 times after that. The ideal hip shape according Lydian Plastic Surgery Clinic is the heart-shaped hips that form an inverted line from the waist to the hips and through the thighs. Choosing Lydian can also help to ensure you can preserve the results of your bbl after 10 years. As they have dealt with many cases with many foreigners, you can ask for before and after pictures during your consultation to clearly visualize what you can expect. Another advice is making a note of the questions you want to ask prior to consultation.