How to minimize liposuction scars?

Meet Dr. An, a seasoned professional with 20 years of experience in performing liposuction. His clinic, Lydian Clinic, is renowned for its innovative techniques and high customer satisfaction rates.

The Rise of Liposuction

“As of 2022, liposuction is the second most performed cosmetic surgery in the United States, and many people in Korea are also looking for it,” Dr. An shares. This procedure, however, is not a one-size-fits-all. “Liposuction also has different techniques and surgical methods for each hospital,” he adds.

The Art of Liposuction Techniques

Dr. An emphasizes the importance of a tailored approach to liposuction. “The approach to liposuction for men and women should be different, and it is also important to design so that the operated area and the unoperated area can blend well naturally,” he explains.

Understanding the patient’s body shape and peculiarities is crucial. “I also understand exactly when the skin becomes bumpy, which is a typical side effect after liposuction.

Rather, I can use that phenomenon to create the shape of these abs,” Dr. An reveals.

customized design for each patient
ideal result by understanding the patient’s body and customize the design

Addressing Side Effects and Solutions

Dr. An is candid about the potential side effects of liposuction, which include dark scars, inability to shower after surgery, and lack of visible results. However, he assures that these can be mitigated. “To make it not bumpy, you need to leave about 3~5mm of fat in the skin,” he advises.

As for bruising, “if we use a special dressing method we developed after surgery, there are hardly any cases of severe bruising after surgery.” He also mentions the use of special human parts for suturing, which allows patients to shower the next day without any issues.

Minimizing Scars

Dr. An is committed to minimizing scars, a common concern among patients. “Generally, when you do liposuction, you leave at least three to more than seven scars per area. That’s too many,” he says. His solution? “To perform surgery on the entire front of the abdomen, only one in the pubic area, and to perform surgery on the back, only one between the buttocks.”

Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction

“It’s really hard to satisfy customers. To a customer who expects 100% satisfaction, we have to make them feel 150% or 200%,” Dr. An admits. But he is up for the challenge. “We will carefully interview and examine you so that you can get such a result that you will be really satisfied after surgery.”

Join Dr. An on this journey to understand the art of liposuction, where patient satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

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